New Semester, New Vision

This new semester is bringing many changes and projects to the Alpha Mu Lambda brotherhood. This website will be getting a total revamp, as well as our social and outward image will be overhauled to be more efficient and more accessible to the public. 

What To Expect This Semester

  • More shows designed for students, this means free campus events and/or food and gear
  • Even more shows around the Shoals area designed to please a wider demographic and reach more people in the area
  • More activity on social platforms, community, and campus to make our name known and our message of supporting local music an effective one
  • Talks and plans of a Music Festival put on and supported by the Alpha Mu Lambda brotherhood

With that being said , if there any musical groups, bands, or acts that would like to help the music in the Shoals flourish, please contact the brotherhood and we will work with you to set it up.