The BAttle of the bands

Or the Battle of the Mane Room as it has been in the past, has been some of the most successful events that Alpha Mu Lambda has created. Local acts of varying sizes and sounds compete to get first in this event, where the proceeds of the event are awarded to the winner, and a guaranteed invite to next years Battle. The way to win is simple, try to win the crowd over with your sound and personality to make them vote for you at the end of the night. The more people, the more chance to win. If you see this event advertised, please stop by and help your favorite band win!


Community/campus fundraising

Alpha Mu Lambda also hosts many fundraising events throughout the shoals and UNA campus. Some of the many things we do include concerts and shows, bake sales, t-shirt/merchandise sales, and First Friday jam sessions.




The Alpha Mu Lambda brotherhood has always had one thing at the heart of the organization, and that is music. As a musical organization, we want to see the passion for the arts grow and the art to flourish in all aspects of our lives. In pursuit of this ideal, the brotherhood adopts a local high school band program that is in need of some form of assistance. Alpha Mu Lambda brothers go to the school and provide instruction, handy work, and any help required of them in hopes to ignite a passion for music in people of all ages.

Excellence scholarships

One of the many ways that Alpha Mu Lambda helps Music flourish in our area is by helping sponsor two Excellence Scholarships. Alpha Mu Lambda donates the money to the Florence City Music Club to help further a music student's studies. The scholarship is given to two students who have progressed through a competition in hopes of winning the money for their education.